Tuesday, June 19, 2007

last days in hawaii

a flower with a minute pond growing in its center

me on the beach at the end of waikiki near diamond head

luk, a good friend from training trying to squish my head

friends from graduation looking stunning

These are images from my last days in Hawaii. I've been a hamster on a treadmill for 9 weeks and I only had a couple of days free off the wheel. It was actually kind of weird having time off. The graduation went well on Saturday. I am now officially a certified Bikram's Yoga Instructor. Can you believe it? I am teaching on Wednesday morning at 9:00am. I'm working through the last bits of dialogue and am really looking forward to teaching. It's sad to leave Hawaii on such empty terms, but that's the way it is. By empty, I only refer to the ending of my time here. It's just a little sad to be working so hard and then poof! it's all over.

I am going to be moving to Portland the first week of August. It's going to be a really good move and I have made some friends that are really cool. I'm really looking forward to a change of pace and scenery. I think it will be good for the art and writing I do and a general higher quality of living. There are so many transitions to get to the next period of my life. I'm excited to get there, but I still have lots of hard work before I get there.

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