Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Semana 2

Week one has definitely been tough and rewarding so far. I have been teaching all of the classes in Spanish because it doesn´t seem like a lot of the people speak english that I am working with. It is a sort of minimalist dialogue class, which seems to me to be more yogi like than the normal Bikram class....Anyway, I went into the city last Friday and checked out the Museum of Contemporary Art. It's in an old brewery\distillery so it provides really interesting spaces for the art. I saw some really cool work and some progressive work combing sewing and photography. I haven't done much photography here yet because I've been working so hard on studying the Spanish Bikram dialogue and studying Spanish in General. This past weekend, I went to Puerto Viejo along the south Atlantic border close to Panama. It's a very beautiful place and it was so nice to finally see the beach. It is a very Jamaican influenced community with a very slow life. We rented bikes and rode along the beach and tried to avoid the millions of giant crabs crossing the road for food. There was a lot of roots and reggae music, cool people and beautiful scenery. Everybody has a bike and a hammock and just hangs out. Some people have little boutiques and stores where they sell their items. The forest goes right up to the beach and it provides amazing protection from the elements. Lots of beautiful waves and surf, lots of cute old houses. The bus ride there and back is amazing. Rainforests, crazy perspectives of clouds, coconuts, bananas, and noni are everywhere. I have been having a fun time here so far and I am really enjoying how nice and calm the people are. Alex is the owner of the studio and I have been travelling with him. He´s been taking pictures of me that I hope to post soon.

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