Monday, April 16, 2007


Well, it appears that I'm going to start off every entry, "Well,." So I showed up for orientation yesterday four hours early, which was really awesome. At least that gave me some time to soak up the beautiful Honolulu weather. Not that San Diego's weather is bad, but it's a nice break from the overcast mornings and chilly nights. Orientation was definitely interesting just on the sheer fact of how many people were there. I thought the teacher training group would be small since it's the first session in Honolulu. 315 bodies are going to become teachers soon, including me. It seems that only about 50 or so are males. Most of the people here for yoga are women in their late 30's/early 40's. I found out that we are going to have Saturday yoga classes. I was hoping to be at the beach all weekend. I want to go hiking/camping, but it will be a short trip if I can't leave Friday night. Oh well.

It was cool because they fed us last night. There were lots of options with tofu and grilled veggies. Rajashree decided to sit at our table which was a really awesome experience. Rajashree is Bikram's wife and she teaches and runs a lot of the courses. She developed the Bikram's pregnancy yoga and she also does a program for children with cancer called 'karma for kids'. She was really beautiful and intelligent and nice. We were able to talk with her for a while as she ate her food. It's really interesting to be that close to a wealth of knowledge. We were all sponges soaking up her wisdom.

I'm excited about starting today. I haven't had a yoga class since last Wednesday and my body is going through withdrawls. I have to wait until later in the day before I get my yoga class, but I'll be reporting here shortly for lecturing and reciting of the first posture. Everybody is really nervous. I'm not so bad, I just want to get it over with. Only time will tell.

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