Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Mr. Glenn Hall of San Diego decided to run me over last Thursday. A long story short, after having the right of way and standing my ground, Mr. Hall decided to get back in his Ford SUV with the license plate 'FORD-AWD' and hit me as he was going around the corner. If you ask me that's assault with a deadly weapon. Since I don't have any real injuries except for some cuts on my legs where I fell to the ground, the lawyers that I have been talking too don't seem to think I have a lawsuit other than the original amount for the bicycle. The accident was directly in front of a police station to boot. I have filed a claim with his insurance agency and hopefully I will get a settlement soon so I can get a new bike. The estimate was for $800. I should demand to get paid in Euros or Pounds just like some celebrities tired of the Bush driven US economy. The bike doesn't look that bad in the pictures, but basically all of the components need to be replaced to get the bike back to I'm thinking about a new bike. I wish there was someway to penalize Mr. Hall other than his premiums going up 10 bucks a month. He should have to ride a beach cruiser around San Diego as his only form of transportation for a month to humble his lead foot and hot head. I'm just waiting to hear from the insurance agency to see how much I'll get. He thought I should be riding on the sidewalk and I should have promptly moved from his way. Well, at least the police informed him that bicyclists have the SAME rights as cars and have to follow the same traffic laws. Not to mention it is unsafe and illegal to ride on the sidewalk. It would be nice to have driving tests address the issues of cyclists. It's a shame that people don't have any idea about the laws regarding bikes. Thanks to Kathy at for helping me with legal issues and advice. The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition is dedicated to bicycle advocacy and making improvements for riders.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Sevilla, Spain

This is Sevilla Spain, a city on the southwestern end a couple of hours from the Straight of Gibralter. Lots of bridges a prevalent in the city. As you can see, tons of graffiti and really good stuff all over the bridges.

Granada: The Complete Alhambra Set

These are the final shots for the Alhambra Palace in Granada. It was the last Moroccoan city in Spain. One of the most awesome places I've ever been. Caves, Flamenco, and orange peel bread are just some of the perks of this Spanish city.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Northatlantic's Last Show in San Diego

These are pictures from The Northatlantic's last show at the Black Box Studios in Golden Hill. It was a pretty sweaty affair all in all, but well worth it. Ghost Buffalo from Denver played, as well as Get Your Death On from San Diego. I stumbled across an awesome poem that sort of seemed appropriate:

Snakes are coiled upon the granite.
Horsemen ride into the west.
Moons are rising on the planet
where the worst must suffer like the rest.

Pears are ripe and peaches falling.
Suns are setting in the east.
Women wail, and men are calling
to the god that's in them, and to the beast.

Love is waiting for a lover.
Generations kneel for peace.
What men lose, Man will recover
polishing the brains his bones release.

Truth Conceals itself in error.
History reveals its face:
days of ecstasy and terror
invent the future that invents the race.

-Donald Lehmkuhl, 1974

Monday, July 2, 2007

advanced class

Here are some of the images from Bikram's advanced series. Some of these postures are pretty impressive. I just found out that the advanced series is offered twice a week in San Diego, so I'm going to take advantage of that, not that I can do more than 20 percent of the series!