Monday, June 25, 2007


lets transition into this universe made of dust and mold;
what a confusion circumnavigating the labrynth of scheme.
shall we rest our confidence in the carbon of the future
as this ominous stillness gravitates us to the core?
up and down, we look to the depths of patterned familiarity,
left and right, falling, regaining stasis,
standing, stoppage.
back and forth we go; help me to conjure up change.
a snails pace, this trance is laborous and precise
as we witness astonishment flaten to a thin sheet of aloofness.
unclear, nonexistent conspiracies are folded up and put away.
foresight is transpicious and although its presented conversely,
envision a pinhole that envelops into fractal geometry.
we end up tiptoeing through our toetapping days
trying to step forward to get a bitter taste of reality.
attempting to slide this shoehorn between energy and static,
coming close, cusping the distance between glassy blinks,
our eyes are open, but are unaware of such instances.
wide open to opposite directions,
desiring an adhock plank to any such adventure.
wanting to queue this bridge,
our crossovers stop needing such a defined substructure.
ending quiesence or at least pretending,
this is the beginning the antithesis of acquiesence has promised.
do you think eternity desires to live
as infinity converges towards this enveloping pinhole?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

last days in hawaii

a flower with a minute pond growing in its center

me on the beach at the end of waikiki near diamond head

luk, a good friend from training trying to squish my head

friends from graduation looking stunning

These are images from my last days in Hawaii. I've been a hamster on a treadmill for 9 weeks and I only had a couple of days free off the wheel. It was actually kind of weird having time off. The graduation went well on Saturday. I am now officially a certified Bikram's Yoga Instructor. Can you believe it? I am teaching on Wednesday morning at 9:00am. I'm working through the last bits of dialogue and am really looking forward to teaching. It's sad to leave Hawaii on such empty terms, but that's the way it is. By empty, I only refer to the ending of my time here. It's just a little sad to be working so hard and then poof! it's all over.

I am going to be moving to Portland the first week of August. It's going to be a really good move and I have made some friends that are really cool. I'm really looking forward to a change of pace and scenery. I think it will be good for the art and writing I do and a general higher quality of living. There are so many transitions to get to the next period of my life. I'm excited to get there, but I still have lots of hard work before I get there.

Monday, June 11, 2007

the theory of everything

life of surreal
life of such surreal
experience delivering of time
because is man because
spine sad
nice bikram's the practiced one
this only time
amazing compliments man
definitely inspiring
definitely twist
definitely is a delivering from the gettting
to only the best the end
that time
how tonight
because spine behind said delivering practice
it's this amazing wednesday
sad spine got back life
so such bikram's I end

Nearing the end is difficult in a lot of ways and easy in a lot of others. It's going to be nice to feel my sacrum again, or to have hamstrings again. A lot of people are pretending to be close to people that they are not as some sort of salvage mechanism. I'm excited about getting back to teach. I'm teaching on Wednesday the 20th at 9:00am! I'm reworking previous dialogue and am going to be doing more to make sure I have the dialogue the best that I can. I have two make up classes this week, so on Tuesday and Thursday I will be doing three classes per day. I did a triple last week on Thursday and was fine, although a little bushed after class trois. I got a pretty sweet stomach wrinkle tan earlier this week after sitting in a chair too long in the sun. it looks like I put sunscreen on my whole chest except for two lines laterally across my stomach! Graduation is next Saturday. There's going to be a small ceremony, then dinner at the Hilton. Supposedly Bikram is paying for 55 bucks a head for dinner. You think you'd get a quantity discount with more than 500 students and family attending the event. The talent show gave some students the long waited opportunity to publicly make fun of the staff and it's now trite phrases. 'Trust the process,' and 'manifest impeccable form' are two noteworthy candidates. This week is all Bikram, Rajashree and senior teachers for the yoga classes. These teachers will insure the training ends in a bang and we might all just explode. If it's any indication of how hot/humid it is here, since week 6, every teacher including Bikram has opened the exterior doors to allow the breeze to come into the room for oxygen. I'm also looking forward to paying resonable prices for food. I don't see how people can get used to paying double for their groceries. Minimum wage isn't higher here. Maybe that's why there's so many crazy people here, like the guy who yelled out the passenger side of a car for five minutes about kicking some guys ass and reminiscent of something Bikram would say he screamed, 'I've never done coke, but I like it.' This guy continued to scream incoherently as his friend sped embarassingly down the road. Nutso. Anyway, things are good and in a week, I'm going to be a certified bikram yogi. crazy.