Monday, March 26, 2007


Today is how I would want every Sunday to be, without stress and very unstructured. I abhor the weekends when all I am doing is running errands and being a good consumer. Make any other day that, but not Sunday. Anyway, I am on my second day of my DMSO treatment. DMSO is like magical pixie farie dust that nobody has heard of for healing everything from arthritis to muscle strains to reversing effects of Down's Syndrome. I am using it to treat my knee from the muscle problems in most likely the vastus medialis muscle. I have been doing acupunture, taking msm, flax, eating right, not biking, wearing a knee brace, using chinese herb linament, moxa....DMSO penetrates the skin to expedite regrowth of tissue and muscle among a pretty hefty list of other things. Anyway, when I apply it locally, I can feel it doing its job. I am hoping this will be the solution to my now 8 month old nagging problem. I should be able to see results very soon, so keep your fingers crossed, or uncrossed for that matter.

I've also been working on my Bikram Dialogue. I have to have the majority of the poses memorized by the time I get to the teacher training on April 15. It is a little tedious just because of the inconsistencies between different sections. Sometimes the phrases are reversed, sometimes they are abbreviated, and sometimes they are just different from what I've heard any teacher say.

I am also reading Daniel Quinn's Beyond Civilization. This is great for people that are frustrated with the typical Daniel Quinn style of writing where the socratic method becomes a little too tedious. This is a no b.s. approach for Quinn and he does give some very thorough examples of what how different minds can think and how stupid doing the same thing that doesn't work is. He is definitely a tribalist, because it has been a model for over 3 million years of human existence that has worked. I am really inspired by this text in particular, where others I have sort of been confused about what to do. The industrial revolution didn't happen overnight neither does transitioning into a different way of living. Businesses can be structed in ways that make them more beneficial for their employees and thus making them into more of a tribal way of life. I highly recommend reading this book to anyone who is concerned with the bleakness of the future.

Time to read and sleep.

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Kat said...

Man... I love you... *cough cough*... I mean... Yah... nope... thats love, man.

"Hey! Look at that pirate! He's doing the running man!! Go Pirate! Go Pirate!.... And... wait a minute... he's scraping that hardwood floor... SWEET GOD! HE JUST STARTED A FIRE!!"