Tuesday, May 8, 2007

another day

Bikram is out of town this week, which is nice because we actually have a cap on the length of the evenings. We are working in posture clinics with our dialogue that we're memorizing. Learning the dialogue rapidly is challenging. I had a lot of practice in high school, so it isn't so difficult for me. It's amazing some of the ESL students here can do the dialogue so well. I can't imagine trying to take anatomy tests or memorize dialogue in French, or Spanish, or another language for that matter. My birthday came and went as another day. No pomp, no circumstance, not even a good yoga class. That's just means that a good one is coming soon.

This training is going by very quickly, and it's going to be over in the blink of an eye. I wish it wasn't so much of a roller coaster, as a daily building on strength and flexibility. One day I'm great, the next lousy. Bikram says that you are either given strength or flexibility naturally and you work on the other in yoga. I would have said that strength was what I had going for me, but most days it doesn't seem like I'm strong or flexible. I'm hoping to level off and balance out soon. My lower back and hips are still real tight and sore, but they seem to be opening up slowly.

So, ummm, yeah this gigantic centepede was found in the dryer as I was lifting my clothes out. Apparently, centepedes are some of the meanest and most feared creatures in Hawai'i. I'm glad that I found my first one dead. Still a daunting sight. Try not to have nightmares about multitudinous amounts of angry centepedes attacking your throat whilst you sleep. What?


Unknown said...

Happy late Birthday, Charlie! I knew it was coming up but I couldn't remember the specific day. I am enjoying reading your blogs - I can't imagine how difficultly amazing and amazingly difficult the training is.

Shane Wrongstring said...

hello handsome. i sent an email the other day with warm and gushy b day wishes. you're probably all twisted and sweating profusely right now, which is quite alright considering you're at a Kung Fu Training Facility but for yoga.

alrighty mon frere. until next time.

Therese T. said...

Charles! Ew, don't.like.bugs....!!!! Anyway, when was your birthday? Aha: a fellow Taurean? Mine's next Saturday, on the 19th. My parents are coming over and want me to sleep over at their hotel. I'm wondering how to do it, plus I still have to ask Antonia about it; hehe, goodie two shoes that I am. Anyway, I'm trying to go with more fresh produce this week. Do you live far from the hotel, by the way? I'm just so glad we have the night free tonight!!! Wahoo!