Saturday, May 5, 2007

Reflection, Foresight

This is one of my most signature photos. It's called hollowarms. This photo is how I feel about my life right now. The ominous tunnel of life; pockets of fake light that trick you as you stumble through the half dim luminesence, and a very precarious quandry. Left, Right, or plunge Straight through our fears and phobias in our war with the world. My eyes are open and I'm not deviating from my path.

A picture of my 4 years ago at the peak of miserability. I aptly named it the fattest picture ever. At least I've shed that skin of yesteryear. I just wanted to post it because people don't believe that I used to be 200 pounds.


kt said...

You know, I have no idea, although I suspect that I will be able to bonger myself. If not, maybe I can find someone and we can bonger each other (although that sounds like something that Bikram wouldn't approve of during training).

Biking to training every day sounds difficult--not the biking so much as the getting less sleep.

Saw your blog before but I didn't comment because I didn't want to disrupt your poetic thoughts with my literal brain. Now that you've broken the ice, can I link to you from mine?

Very evocative photography you have. I like it. (I also wouldn't have believed that you used to weight that much.)

erin! said...

hey charles - i dig your photography. i also really like your tattoos and have been meaning to ask you about them, but just haven't yet.
i have been writing down quotes since the beginning of training because they make me laugh later, but doing so also helps me pay attention better during lectures.
i also havent been getting any sleep, but i dont feel tired at all, which is VERY strange for me. so i've started taking advantage of the opprtunity of extra hours and last night i went to the beach and watched crabs walk around and burry themselves in the sand.

KT mentioned something about linking blogs... how do you do that?

i never thought anyone from training would be reading my blog, so now i haven to be careful what i write about whom... :)

Shane Wrongstring said...

that was the larvae stage, now your shell broke before you left but your wings are spreading over there in the tropical heat and moisture. one of these days i'll show you a picture of myself from 10 years ago. you'll laugh and cry at the same time. photographs lie...