Sunday, May 20, 2007


Tapdancing on this local atmosphere,
the minute and subtle are solely visible.
Tiny red threads that squiggle on the carpet,
Specs of sand stuck to your ankle,
Scents of movements and change.
The reality of reality,
hewn from incandescence and discards.
Teetering on the brink of existence,
the nature of nature winces.
Twinkle this night with exploding colors
and promises of a new tomorrow.
The twin quincuncial crux
dissolving life into inferior fifths.
These dissected squares
show the whole as an illusive pattern.
They show that time and congruity
are not synonyms;
Happenstance and serendipity
are built into the substructure.
The pressure underpinning breathe,
showing the untouchable relief.
Humdrum paths approach infinity
branching off here and there for confused escape.
Welcome to our invisible notions of indentured supremity.
Hollyhocks await your denied entry into the freedom
that lies just around the cavernous branches of consciousness.
The illusion of our illusion debilitates decision and progress.
Jump and float
or slouch and writhe.
Endeavor towards one path and you loop to the opposite.
Hold tight to the fleeting moments which
innervate the glimpses of grace and beauty.
The squares of the quincunx
converge into a singular optical notion
which clarifies path, purpose, breathe and blood flow.
So as we flow towards our nourishing end,
the neon tracks light the way to a hopscotch cul de sac.
Pierce the dark backdrop
and climb into tunnels that obscure directionality indefinitely.
Welcome to our invisible notions of indentured supremity.

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