Friday, May 25, 2007

spaghetti and football

Tonight was interesting navigating the slick streets of Honolulu. A guy about a hundred yards ahead of me got side swiped and consequently wiped out. No helmet equals no good. He seemed to be okay, although in shock and startled. He was then trying to race past me on a mountain bike, on the sidewalk, and talking on his cellphone, recalling the incident. I rode with him all the way into downtown. I don't understand how people ride around without awareness.

Training is going well. The room is super hot, but I've mostly adjusted to it. Tonight's class was especially difficult, although I powered through the diziness. Everything is good with this stage of the process. Things seem to be falling into place, and the hard work is reaping its benefits. I've finally been realizing how fast this has been going. This is definitely the strongest focus and strength I've ever had. It will be interesting to see how my body readapts to normal life. Sleep.

Speaking of sleep, Bikram is returning tomorrow and we will have our first evening lecture in 3 weeks. Let's just hope that he doesn't lecture until ungodly hours. Today we had an extensive and metaphorical lecture on fascia. Jon Burras said 'fascia' 152 times in and during the lecture of the same name. The first 45 minutes were uncounted, but there were probably 152 more fascias said. The power of positive thought.

Focus Focus Fascia Focus

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