Thursday, May 3, 2007

no sleep tonight

Bikram lectured until 1:30am tonight. I will hopefully get three hours of sleep. I had my best yoga class so far in the training tonight. I was really focused with my effort and my mind.


capn, lucky lucas miles said...

keep on truckin', chuck. you are doing great. i used the word fuck in multiple conjugations on my other blog. named the post appropriately...thanks for the inspiration.

Therese T. said...

Hey, Chester. I had an inkling you were vegan, but mad how do you stay on it? I've recently had to resort to raw cheese, yogurt and kefir. I admit I like kefir, but something just isn't right about ingesting dairy all over again. How do you get the time to go to Chinatown? I befriended an old couple based here and they tell me I need to eat a burger every so often to get through training. Um, no thanks?! And yes, I do take exception to hearing Bikram say chickens are meant for us to eat. NOT true! Chickens are smart birds in the wild and have a social structure! But ok, that's enough. Ooh, another nice place to go for tofu and seaweed and vegetables is Shirokiya in Ala Moana Shopping Center. And yes, a vegan potluck would be lovely, though that would severely put my cooking skills to the test, haha., haven;t had that in ages. By the way, your blog says you're from sunny San Diego? If that's true, hey, guess what: I was born in UCSD. :) In any case, yes, I would desperately want vegan support. Would love to chat one weekend, or when there's time between lectures/posture clinics/classes. Take care, and see you then!