Friday, April 20, 2007

Long night Thursday

I'm super exhausted. Two yoga classes a day are tough, and it's only the beginning! That's the good news. Today, it poured really hard the entire ride and so I was covered in mud, all over my legs, all over my bike, and all over my backpack. However, I got to go in the ocean for the first time today! I walked over right after the morning yoga class and waded in the salt water. It felt really good on my sore muscles. We have to sit in these chairs that look comfortable, but are extremely bad for the lower back and tailbone. I'm looking forward to this weekend. I have a Saturday morning yoga class, but then the weekend's mine. I think I am just going to sleep for 36 hours straight. Time to sleep.

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Shane Wrongstring said...

it rained hard on friday for little parcels of the day. little packets of wetness...i got soaked when i got off the train that evening. its nice to see rain in this arid little half assed desert. going to san miguel island for a four day trip with some friends (judd and k bone) for bachelor party. its apparently the most remote national park in the us. no bears though...: (